About Us


Rachel has been a long-time History nerd. She grew to love History in late-high school and went on to study it as her major in college.

When Rachel is not reading or writing (Psst! Check Rachel out on Amazon to see her two published novels!), her favorite things to do are watch documentaries, listen to true crime podcasts, or tour museums.


Leah is not as much of a History nerd as Miss Rachel, but does frequently find herself enjoying learning about the past, particularly weird and dark histories. Her favorite history topics?... anything related to European-history.

She is known to have larger-than-life facial expressions, and will use any excuse she can to get her hands on food and drink. Leah is the podcast producer/editor, and a self-proclaimed cocktail enthusiast!

Rachel & Leah

This crazy duo met in 2013 and it was friendship at first sight. They have since bonded over a mutual love for cocktails, true crime, and History, and are so excited to share these passions with you!